The Masters of Customisation

Your vehicle, to your specifications. Mastering the art of car modification can elevate a luxury high performance car to the next level.

Full Vehicle Wraps

Apply a unique colour or finish to any car for a distinctive exterior.

matt black Range Rover

Body Kits & Skirts

Add extra contours and definition to your prestige vehicle with enhanced body kits and skirting.

Land rover body kit

Multimedia Options

Upgrade your in-car specification with entertainment options from fitted satellite TV to top quality upgraded hi-fi systems.

Marvel in Multimedia

Specialist Interiors

Overhaul or renovate your car upholstery to smarten up the interior feel. Custom materials, colours and textures can give your prestige vehicle a unique and stylish appearance.

red custom interior

Alloys & Rims

Eye-catching cars need eye-catching wheels. Custom alloys, in an array of colours and styles can be an excellent finishing touch.

bespoke alloys

Personalisation and Vehicle Wraps

At Proveeda, our advisers are familiar with bespoke vehicle modifications and can help you achieve a unique, personalised finish for your vehicle.

We offer a number of bespoke personalisation services if you’ve got something a little special in mind, including full body kits, customised wheels and trim and full body wraps. Interior modifications are achievable too, with multimedia installation packages and interior refits among the projects we have successfully completed in the past.

We have extensive experience working with a range of luxury brands and models, so are happy to support your project from start to finish. For any advice or further information, get in contact with us today on 01473 210000 or visit us at our showroom.

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