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How long have you been working at Proveeda? Ever since the first idea of Proveeda ever existed 14 years ago!

Favourite memory of working at Proveeda? My first day has got to be my favourite memory.

Favourite driving themed memory: Delivering the first car sold by Proveeda to Matthew Connolly who was at the time playing for Arsenal. Also, it was Matthew’s first car after passing his driving test.

First Car: Austin Marina Van

Favourite/Dream Car: Porsche 959


General Manager

How long have you been working at Proveeda? Since December 2006

Favourite Memory of working at Proveeda? Moving to our current location, it was a big step, go big or go home!

Favourite driving themed memory? Flying to Frankfurt in 2007 to purchase and drive back one of the new model 3.2 Audi TT’s. I had a blast on the Autobahm and we satisfied a customer order immediately with a car that dealers were quoting a 9 month lead time.

First Car: A 1980 Fiesta Pop.. I added a sound system, XR2 wheels, bucket seats, the King of Essex!

Favourite/Dream Car: Anything old and German – 70s/80s retro … or any M power car, or any V8 AMG, or an SVR, or an RS Audi or a Bentley GT V8 S, or an 911, or or or …. you may realise I love them all!


Pitch Co-ordinator & Photographer

A contract cleaner until his work ethic and eye for detail caught the eye of Jeremy, Filipe now keeps all our vehicles looking their best. His flair for photography can be seen across all our vehicle listings.

Unsurprisingly, Filipe loves driving and several times a year will take a road trip to Portugal with his family.


Isuzu Brand Specialist

How long have you been working at Proveeda? 2 Years

Favourite memory of working at Proveeda? Christmas parties are so lovely for all my family

Favourite driving themed memory: Going to Dragon head office with Chelsea and the team and laughing the whole car journey

First car: Vauxhall Astra

Favourite/Dream car: Mercedes GT, which we have had in the showroom recently!



How long have you been working at Proveeda? I have been in the Proveeda team since January 2012 when I joined.

Favourite Memory of working at Proveeda? I love the fact that I am working for a local family-run business, it creates a completely different atmosphere which is lovely to see.

Favourite Driving Themed Memory: Always had a love for cars and driving. Also, I have always enjoyed F1.

First Car: VW Polo

Favourite/Dream Car: Mercedes C63


Service Team Leader

Isabella very much grew up with Proveeda, helping out in the school holidays when she was younger before returning full time having completed her studies at the University of Kent.

When it comes to her own cars, she has always given them unique names, with ‘Wookie the Corsa’ being a particular favourite!


Sales Executive

How long have you been working at Proveeda: 2 years

Favourite memory of working at Proveeda? Everyday is a memory when your dad jokes are as good as mine… What did the barman say to the ham sandwich when he walked into the pub? Sorry we don’t serve food here!

Favourite driving themed memory: Probably my Proveeda driving test, I got 8 out of 10! (The other guys jumped out of the way)

First Car: 52 plate Seat Arosa

Favourite/Dream Car: Hard to decide when you work in a sweet shop however if money was no object it would be a Mercedes G63

Matthew Pearson

Vehicle Appearance Technician

How long have you been working at Proveeda? About 10 years, some as self employed.

Favourite memory of working at Proveeda? Everyday has a memory

Favourite driving themed memory: Driving in Florida on a family holiday

First Car: A red Ford Cortina GL

Favourite/Dream Car: VW Camper Van


Workshop co-ordinator

With a Level 3 National Diploma in Vehicle Repair & Technology under his belt, Joe has always wanted to work with cars and spends his days at Proveeda managing the service and aftersales care of our vehicles.

Addicted to bright green cars and bespoke modifications, Joe attends car shows up and down the country with his beloved Polo 6N.


Digital Marketing Apprentice

How long have you been working at Proveeda? 7 months

Favourite Memory of working at Proveeda? Seeing my desk all decorated for my 18th birthday after I came back from my holiday… Something I will never forget!

Favourite driving themed memory: Having road trips up to Scotland to see my family when I was younger.

First Car: Suzuki Swift

Favourite/Dream Car: Mercedes A45


Handover Specialist

Literally going the extra mile for customers, Steve delivers luxury vehicles to our customers across the country, drawing on his experience as a professional driver at BCA.

Steve relishes the opportunity to make the customer’s car buying experience truly unique and of course can’t help but enjoy the driving experience along the way!


Workshop Foreman

How long have you been working at Proveeda? Almost a year

Favourite memory of working at Proveeda? General good humour of the Proveeda team

Favourite driving themed memory: Road trips to Goodwood festival of Speed

First Car: Vauxhall Nova

Favourite/Dream Car: Porsche 911

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